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        Industrial Electronics Repair
        Industrial Electronics Repair
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          Our repair facility is fully equipped to repair the smallest megohmmeter to the largest megohmmeter ranging from 100 volts output 300 kV output. Our custom made meters along with state of the art test meters provide the most accurate outputs and readings in the industry.

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          Hipot or High-Pot it equals high potential test meter for aboveground and underground cable testing procedures. Our test procedures fully comply with manufacturer specifications and our facility actually perform field testing to absolutely guarantee verification and accuracy.

          Our calibration procedures are as accurate as electronically possible and documentation for NIST calibration to ISO compliance for ISO 9000 companies is sure to be a factor during the repair process. Don't send your expensive meter out for repair then send it to another facility for calibration.

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          We only repair legitimate Hipot or High-Pot testers and it equals the same high potential testing of cables and our technicians have years of experience with every hipot tester manufacturer on the market excluding the cheap China meters.

          If you are in need of a hipot tester only purchase a quality meter with engineers that back it such as Biddle, Megger, Gossen, Fluke, SebaKMT, Associated Research and others that have the research and development behind the meters.

        • Oil Test Set Repair

          Oil Testing is critical to maintaining a large power infrastructure and oil test set meter's are a small price to pay for detecting and preventing so much damage. Not only the transformers but down time, worker overtime, This is why it is critical to have preventative maintenance and several oil test set meters to maintain transformers.

          With proper preventive maintenance procedures and preventive test meters in hand the cost is no measure than to wait for electrical failure. If you are in need of repair or sales or just more information please fill out our QUICK QUOTE form.

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        Our Vast Capabilities

        Allen Industries employs industrial electronic engineers and electronic technicians with decades of experience repairing many manufacturers models and series of Meg-ohmmeters, Digital Low Ohm Meters, Oil Test Sets, Portable Fault Locator’s, Battery Impedance Testers, Ground testers, Insulation Testers, TTR meters, Cable and Fault locator’s, DC Test Sets, Time Domain Reflectometer’s, Earth Testers, and much much more.

        Industrial Electronics Repair

        Allen Industries repair industrial electronics to component level. Our engineers and technicians pride themselves in the fact the we do not outsource any repairs to ensure a quality repair process with control procedure from the beginning of the repair to the end of the repair, testing and calibration process.

        Test Equipment Repair Services

        Allen Industries Industrial Services Division has the highest quality test instruments, testers, meters, simulators from the factory, qualifiers, and power meters to repair every, and we mean every, electrical machine, electronic device, power supply, generator, solar power inverters, industrial turbines, HVAC (large), water cooling towers, waste water treatment, power companies, pump stations and so much more.

        NIST ISO Calibration Services

        We offer NIST Traceable Calibration compliant with the requirements of ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000. Our expertise includes: Electrical Power Generation Equipment including generators, power analyzers, flow meters, level transmitters, power meters and generation, flow products including all Coriolis flow meters, magnetic flow meters,
        ?Computer generated Certificates of Calibration
        ?Calibration Labels
        ?Automatic Recall Notice Certificates for equipment approaching their calibration due dates.

        Repair & Calibration Services

        We offer repair and calibration for many manufacturers such as: Haefely?, High Voltage, Inc.?, AVO Intl?, Biddle Instruments?,Hubbell?, SebaKMT?, and Baur? to name a few. We also offer repair and calibration services for many additional manufacturers.Contact our Friendly Customer Service Associates with your repair or calibration Inquiries. Repair & Calibration Services: Our experienced and dedicated technicians perform Quality Repair and Calibration for Many manufacturer Meters and test instruments. We also provide Quality Repair and Calibration for Process Controls Repair and Calibration Service, Inverter Repair Service, AC Drives Repair Service, Dc Drives Repair Service, Variable Frequency Drives Repair Service, Flow Meters Repair & Calibration Service, Test Equipment Repair, Meter Repair Service, Industrial Control Repair Services and more! We offer In House Repair and Calibration PLUS Field Service Repair and Calibrations.We look forward to working with you and your company! We take pride in our services and appreciate all of our customers. Thank You!

        Field Service

        We offer field service for repair of flow meter's, CNC machines, variable frequency drive's, industrial motors, servo drive's and servo motors, process control's and more...

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        Calibration Services

        We offer in house calibration services and field calibration with N.I.S.T. traceable calibration standards. Instrumentation, process controls, industrial controls, we have you covered. Read More

        Motor Repair Sevices

        We offer repair services for all motors including servo motors, spindle motor, AC motors, DC motors, resolvers, encoders, motor rewinding, bearing replacement and more.
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